‘Bumi’ is Indonesian and Malay word for Earth – this is at the heart of BUMI SKIN. It represents our love, admiration and respect for the natural world. We believe that when we shift our focus towards the Earth, more love and happiness can grow within ourselves.

But many of us feel restless. We pack our schedules with too many commitments, work long hours in the pursuit of success, and overconsume simply because we can. 

In today’s mega-speed, hyper-connected world we tend to feel disconnected from nature. We’re chasing happiness without stopping to enjoy what we already have – the beautiful planet we live on and the magnificent little things it offers.

So let’s slow down, if only for a few moments. Be present: think about the people you love, and the places you’ve been. Remember the best meal you’ve ever eaten, your favourite place to watch a sunset, the softest animal you’ve touched, the sound of trees rustling in a gentle breeze, and the smell of rain hitting fresh grass. You can thank the Earth for all of those simple, wonderful ways that make us feel content.

Our approach to skincare respects the world we live in. We deliver a skincare routine that appreciates the resources that have created it. We want you to feel that the Earth is part of your self-care routine, and that you are a meaningful part of the Earth.

When you experience BUMI SKIN, we want you feel present and connected to yourself. We want you to appreciate your skin as it is, and enjoy the process of caring for it. Our products welcome every person – regardless of age or gender – to bring the most effective ingredients from nature into their daily routine.



We will always rely on quality research and science to inform our decisions about ingredients and formulation. After all, we can only understand the world we live in by learning from it.


Everything on planet Earth is made up of chemical elements, so we won’t ever make claims like ‘chemical-free’. However, where possible, we include naturally-derived ingredients that harness the best that nature has to offer.


We believe less is more when it comes to skincare: less fuss and less focus on using more products just for the sake of it. We want you to embrace an intentional self-care routine, and we want to help you feel in tune with the skincare products you decide to use.