You can definitely have healthy skin with no fuss skincare routine. We believe ‘’Less is More’’ when it comes to skincare, sometimes using too many products may expose our skin to many irritating ingredients. 

The basic skincare products you really need are gentle cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen. Sunscreen is definitely a ‘’must have’’ product and have to be used daily to achieve healthy skin. Now, let’s talk about cleanser and moisturiser. 

  • Cleanser

You need cleanser to wash off your makeup, dirt, sunscreen and pollutant. We always recommend gentle cleanser because believe it or not , you don’t want your harsh cleanser strip your skin moisture barrier. 

If you prefer double cleansing method to remove sunscreen or makeup, we recommend oil cleanser or balm cleanser as your first cleanser. We love to use our multitasking Nourishing Facial Oil orAntioxidant Facial Oil as our first cleanser to remove sunscreen and makeup, then we rinse it off with gentle cleanser. 

  • Moisturiser

Moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated by locking in moisture. It also forms protective layer for your skin. You can try our Probiotic Lotion, it packed with aloe vera, rosehip oil, agave americana leaf and probiotic. 

There are many studies conducted in relation to topical probiotic in skincare. Many of these studies are still in initial stage, however, probiotic has showed promising results in improving skin barrier function, reducing photoaging, promoting collagen   production, increasing the production of ceramide, providing anti-inflammatory activity, reducing acne formation and improving acne severity. 

According to research conducted by Arup KM et all on “Effect of an extract of Agave Americana on wound healing model in experimental animals”, Agave Americana leaf demonstrated to have wound healing activities due to flavonoid contents in it which attributes to antioxidant activities.  

If you need extra hydration from our Probiotic Lotion, you can add our multitasking Nourishing Facial Oil or Antioxidant Facial Oil depending on your preferences. You can use this multitasking oil after your moisturiser or before your moisturiser. 

We want you to embrace an intentional self-care routine, and feel in tune with the skincare products you decide to use. Read our guide for Serum & Oil .