Introducing healthy skincare routine to tweens and teens could be complicated. However, teaching them on how to take care their skin is important in achieving healthy skin. Here is 3 basic steps in perfecting skincare routine for tweens and teens. 


We always recommend gentle cleanser to clean dirt, oil, sunscreen and impurities. Gentle cleanser will not stripe natural oils of the skin. Introducing them to always clean their skin twice a day with gentle cleanser to have clear complexion. 


It is an important step to keep their skin hydrated even they have oily skin. We recommend our Probiotic Lotion because it is packed with probiotic, white willow bark and other nourishing ingredients. There are many studies suggested promising results of topical probiotic in skincare. It has the ability to address many skin concerns such as dryness, anti-aging, oily, blemish prone, etc. White willow bark has been used to soothe sensitive and irritated skin, it also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to clear pores and fight acne. 


Sun protection is key for healthy skin. It protects their skin from free radical damage and prevents adverse effects of sunlight on skin. The higher the SPF the better, sunscreen should always be applied every morning. 

Above all, their lifestyle and diet also play important part in achieving healthy skin. You can introduce serum for their skin if there is any specific skin concern that need to be address. We have Vital B Elixir which is formulated with 5% niacinamide and salicylic acid to break down dirt and excess oil on their pores. In addition, it contains 2% panthenol to hydrate and soothe skin. Panthenol containing formulation has been shown to improve skin hydration. 

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